We train aviation professionals who can join your organization 6 months for free!

For air crew, flight safety is number one priority on board an aicraft. Civil Aviation Authorities require that a person must complete all the necessary trainings before he or she is assigned on an airplane to perform cabin crew duties. As an EASA Approved Training Organization we are able to deliver ready-to-go professionals who are highly trained and aware of their duties and responsibilities on board of any commercial or private aicraft.



(DE) We deliver all necessary intitial training courses based on EASA and ICAO regulations. All our students are trained in safety, security, first aid and customer relations management. They also have a general knowledge and practical experience of ground handling procedures and systems, such as check-in, gate handling and floor walking. After their intital course our students are the most complete professionals in business.

Our Initial Cabin Crew training course takes 18 days and contains the following subjects:

• Aviation Principles and Regulations
• Normal Procedures
• Emergency Procedures
• Sea Survival and Wet Drill
• Fire Fighting and Smoke Drill
• Dangerous Goods
• Aviation Security
• Crew Resource Management
• Medical First Aid

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